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North Carolina Children's Choice Books

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About the NCCBA


The North Carolina children’s Book Award Program is a children’s choice contest sponsored by the school and public librarians in North Carolina designed to introduce children to current children’s literature and instill a love of reading.

The North Carolina Children's Book Award began in 1992. Each year since then, school and public libraries participate in the process of selecting, studying and voting for the next winner! Members of the North Carolina Library Association's children's committee select a group of picture books and junior novels from suggestions submitted by North Carolinian school children. The list of books is then given to each school and public library throughout the state. During the course of the year, classroom teachers, media specialists and public librarians in North Carolina encourage children to become familiar with the nominees and vote for their favorite title in two categories: "Picture Book" and "Junior Book". The award is therefore truly a children's book award - selected by the children of the state of North Carolina! (From The Book Hive)




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Last year's winners and this year's nominees with reviews. 


BookHive: Your Guide to Children's Books


Kid's Web

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