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About the Library

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Our Mission


The mission of the library at Durant Road Elementary School is to:


  • help 21st century students become effective users and producers of information and ideas
  • promote reading for fun and lifelong learning
  • support student achievement 

How many books are in the library collection?

Last count, we had 16,973 titles in our Library Media Center.  That number fluctuates.  We buy new books.  Books get old or lost or damaged and are removed from the collection.  But roughly 17,000 is a good estimate.  This includes multiple copies of the same title, like book club books.


When is the library open?

8:00 - 3:00 daily. 

Sometimes later. 

We will gladly help you if you come in after hours.  Call ahead.

How many books may I check out?


Patron Quantity  How Long?
Kindergarten  1 book at a time  1 week
1st & 2nd Grade  up to 3 books at a time 2 weeks
3rd, 4th & 5th Grade  up to 3 books at a time 3 weeks
Parents up to 5 books at a time 3 weeks

Do I have to pay for late books?

We do not charge overdue fines, but we ask that you return or renew an overdue book before

borrowing more books.  If you lose a book or return it in damaged condition, we will bill you for the replacement cost of the book.

Do I have to pay for lost or damaged books?

If you lose a book or return it in damaged condition, we will bill you for the replacement cost of the book. 

If you cannot afford to pay the entire amount at once, you can make make installment payments until the book is paid for. 


What do I do if I still have a book from my old school?

You can return it to the DRES Library and we will send it to your old school.  If you have lost or damaged the book bring us your payment and we will send it to your old school so that your record will be cleared.


How does the librarian decide which books to buy?

I take several factors into consideration when buying books.  Here are some of them.


  • The quality of the writing - Do book reviewers agree that the book is well written?
  • Is there another book that is better? 
  • Do I have too many other books that are just like this one? 
  • Is the book strong enough to stand up to being checked out again and again? 
  • Is it visually appealing? 
  • Will this book help teachers teach?
  • Will this book help students learn?
  • Is this book in line with my 5 year plan
  • If it is nonfiction, are there text features to help readers find information? 
  • If it is nonfiction, when was it written? Is the information still accurate?
  • If it is nonfiction, who wrote this book?  Is this author an expert on the subject?
  • It is fact or opinion? 
  • Is this a replacement for an old title or a new book? 
  • Do teachers want the book?
  • Do students want the book?
  • Which kids can read this book? 
  • Do I have the money? 
  • If so, is this the best way to spend the money? 


Who works in the library?

Ms. Hinton, Librarian




DRES Library Media Center

9901 Durant Road

Raleigh, NC 27614

(919) 870-4212 




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