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Spreadsheets - Grade 5

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Grade 5 


I Can...... Recognize, discuss, and explore how spreadsheets are used to calculate, graph, and represent data in a variety of settings (e.g., schools, government, business, industry).






An Introduction






Spreadsheet Diagram


Name the Parts


Using Spreadsheets for Movie Soundtracks and CDs


Spreadsheets, Watching TV, and Talking on the Phone


The A to Z of Spreadsheets 


How to Make Graphs 



Try it Out


 My First Practice Spreadsheet(1).xlsx


Open this spreadsheet and save it to your home directory.


Lemonade Stand




Lemonade Lesson.docx                                                       

     Read the instructions.

Lemonade Stand Spreadsheet.xls

     Open this spreadhseet and save it to your HOME DIRECTORY. 

Lemonade Stand Spreadsheet Template.xlt

     If you have trouble with the other spreadsheet, try this one.

Virtual Lemonade Stand 

     Play the game.  Practice for a few "days" (in lemonade stand time) to get the feel for it, then choose 7

     days, speed it up by clicking FAST FORWARD on the bottom right and begin recording your data on

     your spreadsheet. 


Record this data on your spreadsheet:

Inventory:          cups, lemons, sugar, ice

Weather:          forecast, high temp.

Price:               per cup

qty:                  lemons per pitcher, sugar per pitcher, ice per pitcher, # cups sold    

Customers:      potential (how many possible customers), customer satisfaction, popularity 

$$:                   how much money you have at end of day


REMEMBER TO SAVE FREQUENTLY.  You only need to do SAVE AS the 1st time when you are saving to your home directory.  After it is in your home directory, just save and save OFTEN.


Chart 5 Day Weather Forecast in Excel


Task: Use Excel to chart five days of weather data.  You can choose the local high and low temperature for five consecutive days or contrast local highs or lows with another location.


Making a Graph in Excel






Local, State, National Weather


WRAL.com Weather

International Weather






To find the five day forecast for international cities

click the weather channel link, enter the city and choose 10-day forecast.








Making a Graph in Excel




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