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Word Processing Skills

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I can ... use word processing as a tool to write, edit, and publish sentences. 




Do you know how to SAVE AS to your HOME DIRECTORY?  When you open a document from this column, make sure you save it to your HOME DIRECTORY.

Do you know how to edit, copy, cut and paste a block of text? 

How to Cut Copy & Paste.doc  

Cut Copy Paste Practice.doc 

More cut copy paste practice.doc

Do you know how to format text? 

Formatting Text Instructions.doc

Formatting Text.doc  
Do you know how to change fonts? Fun with Fonts.doc
Do you know how to use Spell Check?  Spell Check.doc  

Do you know how to insert clip art?

Using Clip Art.doc

Inserting Clip Art.doc
Do you know how to click and drag? Click and Drag.doc  









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