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What do I read next?



Check out last week's puzzlers and the mystery character for your grade level.

(Name the mystery character and be entered in a prize drawing!)





Book of the Week





You may choose to speak sign language to your compadre under the table while the teacher is talking. (Warning: library personnel disclaims anyresponsible if you are busted.)  But let's say the whole class has learned some sign language.  If you want to secretly allude to the present you have purchased for your compadre while he/she and a hoard of others hover, sign language may not be the best choice.  How about Pig Latin.  Or some even more obscure language?  Interested?  This is the manual for you.  (652.8 CAT)





Book of the Week





Three old-fashioned orphans have old fashioned aventures and triumphs in Lois Lowry's book The Willoughbys.  If you like Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events you might want to try this out.  The author's  tone is similar.  (F LOW) 



Book of the Week





How do you go about solving a problem?  Princess Lenore wishes for the moon.  And fictional princesses usually get what they want.  Problem.  Difficult to deliver the moon unless we are talking fantasy.  This is fiction, but not THAT kind of fiction.  Many will try, both brave and wise to deliver the moon to princess Lenore, but only one will succeed. Read this book to see who solved the problem and HOW! (E THU)







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