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wk 6 What Do I Read Next 45

Page history last edited by Jennifer 8 years, 11 months ago

What do I read next?



Click on the book covers to go to the Durant card catalog record.  


Check out last week's puzzlers and the mystery character for your grade level.

(Name the mystery character and be entered in a prize drawing!)





Book of the Week




It seems to me very practical to have such information as how to escape from quicksand, wrestle an alligator, deliver a baby in a taxi, and deal with a faulty parachute.  You just never know when skills like these will come in handy. If you are of the same mind, this is the ultimate manual for you.  (613.6 PIV)


Click on the cover to go to the Durant card catalog record.  For more books like this, go to the EXPLORE! section.  Click on the FIND IT button beside Survival Skills.





Book of the Week





Delly is the kind of kid that always gets in trouble.  She doesn't mean to... she's just following fun where it leads her. But pretty soon everybody except her little brother JR have decided that Delly is B-A-D news.  And that feels pretty rotten. Especially when your own mom seems to give up one you.   Click here to see the author talking about this book.


Katherine Hannigan also wrote Ida B-- : and Her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster, and (Possibly) Save the World which is another "character driven" novel. (F HAN)


For more books like this, click on the cover to go to the Durant card catalog record.  In the EXPLORE! section click on the FIND IT buttons beside Behavior, Selective Mutism or Self Control fiction.



Katharine Hannigan Talks about True (...sort of)





Book of the Week




When your family sits around the kitchen table at Thanksgiving which of your stories are they telling?  My guess is that even if she's 35 and has kids of her own this character can't live down the time she stapled her brother's hair to his pillow.   Read this In the spirit of Delly and No David and all our great ideas that don't come out quite right. (E OFF) 






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