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What Do 3rd Graders Read Next

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What do I read next?



click on the book cover illustration to see the library record



Check out last week's puzzlers and the mystery character!

(Name the mystery character and be entered in a prize drawing!)





Book of the Week



An autobiography is a history of a person's life, written or told by that person. Tomie DePaola has written his autobiography in installments.  Click on the book cover to go to the Durant catalog record.  From there you can find out more about this book and see other books Tomie DePaola books in our library. (B DEP)




Book of the Week




Mrs. Snickle is not your typical teacher.  She tosses out tests.  She says homework should be done at home and LEFT at home.  She eats lollipop-lima bean ice cream and sleeps in Lacey's desk.  But don't tell anyone.  Shhhhhh!  It's a secret. (F HOR)


 For more books about magical schools and mystical students




Book of the Week



Tomie DePaola is the author of the many picture books. Big Anthony is the fellow who got the magic pasta pot cooking and then couldn't figure out how to turn it off!  Was it "death by spaghetti for the town?" Read Strega Nona to find out and then read this book for more of Big Anthony's exploits. (E DEP) 


Click on the book cover to go to the Durant library record for this book.  To find more books by Tomie DePaolo, go to the EXPLORE! section of the record.  Click the FIND IT button beside Titles by: DePaola, Tomie.


Click here to see Tomie DePaola



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