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3rd Grade Oct 31- Nov 4

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What do I read next?



click on the book cover illustration to see the library record



Check out last week's puzzlers and the mystery character!

(Name the mystery character and be entered in a prize drawing!)




Book of the Week




Although the title is silly, this book is definitely full of information about chickens. One clue is that even though the title sounds like a joke, the call number 636 is the address for information about animals that live on farms. (636.5 FEL)  




Book of the Week





 Louise is a brave and unusal chicken.  She sails the sea and meets up with some pirates.  But that's not all.  Read all about her adventures.  I'll tell you one thing, even though she's a chicken, she's no chicken!!  (E DIC)  



Book of the Week




Unlike Louise, these chickens are chicken! The more they try to escape the wolf the more trouble they find themselves in. If you like this story there are two other stories about these nervous chickens.  Look in the explore section of the card catalog record and click Find It! on titles by Leslie Helacoski.  This book was illustrated by Henry Cole. (E HEL)


Big Chickens Trailer from Leslie Helakoski on Vimeo.




Interview with author/illustrator Henry Cole









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