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Book Picks 3 Nov 7-10

Page history last edited by Jennifer 9 years ago

What do I read next?



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Book of the Week


 Sarah Hale, a magazine editor and author, worked for years to establish Thanksgiving Day as a national holiday. The first president she asked was Zachary Taylor.  Four presidents later, after 38 years of working on it, she persuaded President Lincoln to agree.  That's perseverance and that's how she saved Thanksgiving!  (394.2 AND)  




Book of the Week




Gooney Bird Greene is a card.  That's an old-fashioned expression which means that she is funny and a bit out of the ordinary.  She is like Sarah Hale in that she doesn't give up.  After all the parents refuse, she manages to find someone to bring cupcakes for the Thanksgiving pageant.  Is there another female literary character who might be considered "a card?"  I can think of two. Can you?  (F LOW)  



Book of the Week




Catherine Falwell wrote and illustrated this simple book about a family preparing for a feast. It is a short and sweet...a counting book from one to ten. But I chose to highlight it because of the wonderful cut paper illustrations.  Click on the cover to go to the card catalog record.  Under the EXPLORE! section look for cut paper illustrations and click FIND IT to see other books using this illustration technique. (E FAL)










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