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Copy of What Do 1st Graders Read Next

Page history last edited by Jennifer 8 years, 5 months ago

What do I read next?



click on the book cover illustration to see the library record



Check out last week's puzzlers and the mystery character!

(Name the mystery character and be entered in a prize drawing!)




Book of the Week



This book compares and contrasts the strengths and weaknesses of crocodiles and alligators.  To compare means to talk about what is the same.  To contrast means to talk about what is different.   If an alligator and a crocodile went head to head, which do you think would win?(597.98 THO)




Book of the Week



When Mrs. Green climbed into the magic cabinet so that Mr. Green can make her disappear, she didn't know she'd be gone so long!  Amateur magicians sometimes make mistakes, even with a magic word like Sassafras at their fingertips. (E BAK)





Book of the Week



Tomie DePaola is the author of the many picture books. In this book Bill the crocodile and Pete the toothbrush set out to save Bill's cousin who has been kidnapped by bad guys. (E DEP) 


Click on the book cover to go to the Durant library record for this book.  To find more books by Tomie DePaolo, go to the EXPLORE! section of the record.  Click the FIND IT button beside Titles by: DePaola, Tomie.


Click here to see Tomie DePaola.




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