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Civil Rights

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Setting the scene

Expert Space




Academic Vocabulary


demonstration:  (noun) a public display of group feelings toward a person or cause
discriminate:  (verb) to treat someone unfairly because of prejudices toward them
integrate:  (verb) to include people of all races
minority:  (noun) a group of people of a particular race, ethnic group, or religion living among a larger group of a different race, ethnic group, or religion
require:  (verb) to demand

Content Vocabulary


boycott:  (verb) to refuse to buy something or to take part in something as a way of making a protest
campaign:  (noun) a series of actions organized over a period of time in order to achieve or win something
desegregation:  (noun) the elimination of the practice of separating people of different races in schools, restaurants, and other public places
Jim Crow laws:  (noun) laws that discriminated against blacks
protest:  (verb) to object to something strongly and publicly; (noun) a demonstration or statement against something
racism:  (noun) a belief that a particular race is better than others
segregation:  (noun) the act or practice of keeping people or groups apart
Supreme Court:  (noun) the highest and most powerful court in the United States. It has the power to overturn decisions made in lower courts and also to declare laws unconstitutional. The Supreme Court consists of nine justices





  • Who are the key individuals featured in the video?
  • What are some of the important events shown in the video?
  • When did these events take place?
  • Where did these events take place?
  • What were some of the outcomes?

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