About the Librarian




Bachelor of Journalism

   University of Missouri

Masters in Library Science 

   North Carolina Central


What I Teach

  • Reading for Pleasure 
  • Information Literacy 

               critical thinking

               reading critically

               communicating effectively


When I'm Not at Work

I enjoy spending time with my son, Benjamin.  He travels all over the world.  He likes to write songs and play them on the guitar.


When my dog named Sassafras and I are the only two at school on the occasional Sunday, I like to roll her green ball down the first grade hall and watch her run like mad and scramble and slide to a stop.


Multiple Choice Question:  

When I am not with Sassafras or friends or Ben, I am:


    a. Washing Dishes

    b. Washing Windows

    c. Reading Books 



Believe it and you can achieve it.