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The Sea of Monsters 

by Rick Riordan


Genre: Fiction,  Fantasy


The book Sea of Monsters is about a teenage boy named Percy Jackson and his friend Tyson. Tyson is an orphan and his school adopted him for a community service project. Tyson is a very tall guy with lots of strength, but he's very sensitive. Percy Jackson goes to a special camp for demi-gods called Camp Halfblood. Thalia's Tree is a magical tree that produces a magical border around Camp Halfblood. Suposedly, someone poisoned Thalia's Tree. Chiron, the camps' activities director, was blamed because he did nothing to stop it. The new activities director won't let Percy, Tyson and Percy's other friend Annabeth Chase look for the legendary Golden Fleece, the solution toThalia's Tree's poisoning. Also, Percy thinks his friend Grover is being held captive by the mythical cyclopes, Polythemus. What will he do?


I really liked this book because it was full of exitement like when Percy had his vivid nightmare.



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