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Goldilocks and Just One Bear

by Leigh Hopkinson


Genre: Picture Book


This book is about a bear that walked in to a bulding randomley and he was hungry.So he weant over to a kitchen table.He tasted some cereal, and said ''this cereal is to hot''.then he walked over to the other plate.He said'' This cerael is to coled''.Then he tried the last one.''this porege is gust rite and eat it all up.Then he thout that he was sleepy.So he weant over to the chairs and took a little cat nap nap.When he wook up he was still sleepy so he whent up to the beds.He tried the first bed.That bed was to hard,the next bed was to soft.the last bed was just rite.So he took a real,big nap. soon the poeple who lived there came home.They saw that a bear wwas in there apartment.When tthe bear wook up he reallized that goldey locks was the people that lived there. and she said''baby bear?'' and he said goldey llocks?''


I loved the book.I love the book because it is like the oringanl, and i like the origanal




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