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Creepy Carrots

by Aaron Reynolds


Genre: Fiction


Jasper Rabbit loves carrots he eats the in the morning on his way to school then one day little Jasper Rabbit saw carrots that haunted him.Jasper sees them in his room and almost everywhere he tries hiding in a shed then he sees them their so he yells for his mom and his mom comes and she says that theres nothing there to be afraid of then he goes to cracknhopper field and builds a gate around it.The carrots are sooo..happy because now he won,t eat them anymore then Jasper never came back ever again.


I liked this book because it is about carrots and they haunt Jasper and i like books like that because its mostly a book that you dont really know whats going to happen next because the carrots have a mind of its own and they cant walk or haunt people in real life.Jasper always eats in cracknhopper field and they just chase him so he won,t eat them any more Jasper builds a gate around it so they won,t do any thing else to him its like many movies i watch they try to stop something and its just like many books i read where people are trying to stop something from happening.






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